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Choosing a Proper Interior Designer for Your Needs

Whether you are looking to redecorate your entire house or just one particular room, you might want to seek the services of a professional interior designer. When choosing a decorator, it is important that you are extremely careful about whom you pick. A right designer will ensure that you have a wonderfully decorated room which meets all your design and budgetary requirements. A wrong choice, however, will leave you with a considerably lighter pocket with almost nothing to show for it.

When you are looking for an interior designer, the best way to start is by contacting people you know like friends, relatives, coworkers, etc. to see if there is anyone they would care to recommend. By opting for someone who has already been employed by a person you know, you can rest assured that the designer is reliable. However, not everyone has the same taste and you should look at the portfolio of the decorator’s past work. It is better to opt for someone who has designed what you hope to achieve for your project. You can also find designers using the Internet or by contacting local design agencies.

After you have narrowed your search down to a couple of candidates, you might want to check out the references they have provided. Contact some of the people mentioned to find more details. Some questions to ask are; whether they got what they were looking for, if the work was done on time, if the budget was exceeded and whether they encountered any problems with the designer during the entire process. If you are satisfied with the references and the portfolio of a particular decorator, you can go ahead go ahead with hiring them. Have an in depth conversation with the person beforehand to discuss the budget as well as the estimated time of completion of the project. You might also want to mention the amount of input you will need.

One of the most important things to make sure that you hire a designer who has a personality similar to yours and whom you can communicate properly with. This way, the two of you will be able to bounce ideas off each other to get the perfect look for your rooms. If you like planning everything well in advance, working with someone who makes spontaneous decisions might be hard and stressful. When you are talking to your designer, the communication should not be one way. They should ask you questions to form a clearer understanding of what you are looking for and you should be able to ask them about the various ways they intend to work on the project. If you are looking for a particular theme, let them know. Tell them if you hate a particular theme as well.

Hiring a professional interior designer can be a rewarding experience. The person will be able complement your views and provide the best possible look for your project, without straying over the budget.

Decorating Your Home Or Cottage Using Wrought Iron Handcrafted Products

Wrought iron makes a brilliant choice in the manufacture of wall decor – both in terms of quality and affordability. While looking for attractive decor for your home or cottage walls, you will come across a wide range of handcrafted iron products in the market including the ones that can be hung up both inside as well as outside. They come in a plethora of different qualities, materials, colors, sizes and shapes.In case you were wondering what’s the buzz about wrought iron decors really about – well – they bring you numerous benefits when it comes to embellishing your home without having to spend a fortune.


Wrought iron decor brings you a much superior quality compared to cast iron. Apparently, due to the higher carbon content in its composite, cast iron tends to be hard and delicate. Handcrafted iron, on the other hand, is flexible and a lot simpler to shape and process. The amazing flexibility of the material makes wrought iron perfect for crafting virtually all sorts of patterns and shapes.


Wrought iron is basically an iron alloy, albeit with a fibrous constituent called slag and very low carbon content. All these factors combine to make handraft iron incredibly sturdy and durable. So you get a good idea about the longevity aspect, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France that has been blowing our minds since 1889, was made of puddled iron, a form of wrought iron.

Resemblance with Wood

Because of its fibrous content, there are “grains” in this type of iron that pretty much resembles actual grains of wood. These grains are distinctly visible when shaped to form carved objects. Even though the wood-like grains can be termed as an almost exceptional feature, it gives wrought iron an edge when it comes to adding textures to various hand-made iron decor products. A lot of luxury log homes are decorated with hand-made iron products because of the match they create with a wooden environment.

Apart from all the aforementioned factors, easy availability is another prime reason why handmade iron decors are becoming increasingly popular these days. In general, decors made of iron products are available in virtually all price ranges – thus making it possible for you to purchase them without worrying too much about the cost aspect. Tables and other furnitures made in iron make excellent choices when it comes to adding a rustic look to your living and dining rooms. They are easily available in your average home decor and online stores.

Decorating Your Home Or Cottage Using Wrought Iron Handcrafted Products

How To Use Colour to Link Rooms

When beginning a project, it may seem daunting to think about the home as a whole. But it can be very important so that the house flows and you are drawn into each room, as well as saving you money.


Linking your rooms using colour doesn’t have to mean that every space creates the same mood. One colour alone has hundreds of tints and shades to consider. For example using a strong, bold colour will excite and energise, whilst a calm, subtle muted tone will do the opposite. Therefore deciding how you want to feel in each room is your first and most important decision in order to create a harmonious colour scheme throughout.

Creating a sense of space

For a lot of homeowners, the main objective of re-decorating is to create the sense of space. If each room focuses on a different colour, they will feel very separate and enclosed. Instead, try using tints and shade of the same colour, with accents in other colours, to create the feeling of open plan with each room leading to another. This will immediately change the impact of your home and make it feel larger.

Shades of Green

One of the most popular colours to use is green. As you enter a home there is the feeling of bringing the outside in, with a relaxing shade such as sage. When using in the living room, mix all shades on the curtain fabric and upholstery with neutrals – browns, greys, blacks and whites. To energise the kitchen use lime greens with turquoise blues and vibrant yellows. A statement blind in a patterned lime green curtain fabric looks great. In the bathroom a muted green together with lilac and heather tones of purple and a hint of soft orange creates a stunning triadic colour scheme. In the bedroom or living room, try emerald, one of the key colours of 2013, as the feature colour on upholstery fabric for example. Mix with white and mahogany furniture to make a real statement.

Shades of Red

If green isn’t your taste, then don’t be frightened to use red. The bold shade works well in kitchens and dining rooms with white and black. When muted down into more subtle tones, the overall feel will be warm and relaxed. In the bedroom using the red sparingly and adding purple and orange into the scheme will create an exotic space. In the bathroom use reds, oranges and a touch of yellow for a harmonious feel. If styling a period property then use with golds, dark woods and elaborate patterns for a striking finish.

Money Saving

Although upfront this may seem like it will cost you more, by sticking to one palette you will find you have saved money. Another benefit is that furniture and accessories work well throughout the house so can be mixed, matched and moved into other rooms for a change.

How To Use Colour to Link Rooms

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bookshelf sofa furniture design inspiration for your interior room work

Bookshelf sofa is a new design that is so elegant furniture with the main function as a place to sit and have the next function is to store books or magazines in your workspace. Obviously for those of you who are confused what to fill furnishings suitable for your workspace option is the most right one.

Perhaps there are some of you who are curiousabout who the designerof this bookshelf sofa, and want to order it directly. Thepeople who designed this sofa Bookshelfis Joan Rojeski. A furniture designerwho continues to develophis works is verybeautiful in the field of furniture. I gave the title of this article Bookshelf sofa furniture design forinterior work space you are actually not bethe default if the bookshelf sofa can onlybe placed in yourworkspace, but in fact you certainly can put thisbookshelf sofa any room in the house or youroffice. Suppose in the living room, TV room or living room. 
For me if you see furniture design Bookshelf sofa, there will be two rooms are suitable for Bookshelf occupied the couch, the den and the living room also. This opinion I remove it because if you see an image that consists of only one unit, then surely this Bookshelf sofa can not load a lot of people who can sit on it. So it is very suitable to be placed in the workspace is usually in addition to can be used to put all sorts of books or documents on your employment. 

I when I saw the work of Joan Rojeski was so inspired to see the value of the function is more than one. One more thing that can be of benefit design sofa Bookshelf furniture is ease in the can because you just turn your body slightly to be able to take any book or document if you are sitting on the couch. Designed bookcase is on the side that gives convenience and good function.
Similarly, a glimpse of the newinspiration of bookshelfsofas design for youroffice or living room in the house. If you are curious can go directly to the website that I include in this article.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

5 Biggest Home Renovation Mistakes

So your mind is made up, and you are ready for a home renovation project. You have met several contractors, some referred, others you found, reviewed many estimates, even laughed at a few, and feel you have nailed it. Countless pictures have been shown to you, vision has been sold, and you have enough samples in product selection to open your own home improvement store. Are you as ready as you think? 

True, it took you weeks, maybe even months of researching to help make that final decision, and you feel that the contractor of your choice is going to bring your vision to light. This all may be true, but there are mistakes you do not want to make that tend to get overlooked. If you are looking for your upcoming home renovation to be headache free, these are 5 mistakes to avoid running to the medicine cabinet.

Thinking you have enough money

1.       Some home renovations can be a dollar for dollar experience, and you walk away with what exactly you wanted, and paid for. There are times when you may not be so lucky. One should always be prepared for an unexpected surprise. The bigger the project you are doing, the higher your chances are in unforeseen obstacles that may add to your already paid for renovation. You will be surprised what you encounter when you open walls, things like mold, termites, rotted beams, leaky pipes, are some to name a few. 

Ask your contractor to give you a small list of the unexpected for a home like yours. Not all homes have the same issues, there may even be a common occurrence with all the homes in your community since they were constructed at the same time, and more than likely by the same company. Your contractor may be aware of them if he has done work in your area. Thinking you have enough money may not be enough. Have an  emergency fund ready just in case. Your contractor is definitely not going to pay for it or he may be able to add a 10% contingency to be withheld in the event that something arises. If all goes well, the funds withheld are reimbursed back to you.

When size does not matter to you

2.       You have a small bathroom, and want to take it to the next level by replacing your standard tub with a swanky jacuzzi tub. Yes, they are beautiful. They are also space eaters, like that “must have” vanity at Home Depot that is 2 sizes bigger than your existing one. Yes, it can fit, and so does a golf ball down a P-trap. The size may not matter to you at the time, but it will, it always does.

Trend seeker

3.       Yes, that royal blue square shaped, see-through basin looks amazing on that black granite counter-top. Just because, it was mentioned as the top 5 sellers for 2013 does not mean it will be nominated for an Oscar next year. Fads disappear rather quickly, chasing the latest trend can have a short shelf life. When trend seeking, go with a style that does not have to be re-invented annually. Your contractor will love it, but debt seeking is not a trend.

Taking on too much

4.       Home renovations should never be a burden, always have a specific idea in mind, and do not make it complicated by adding on to it with a knee jerk decision. Give careful thought to a process, and what it means to alter them. Changing your kitchen cabinets is one thing, but then deciding on moving your plumbing, and placement of light fixtures can be an overwhelming experience. Taking on too much can leave you with regrets, and a financial obligation to a decision that could have stayed an easy and less costly one.

Blind eye to your home’s bones

5.       So you live in that wonderful cozy cape in the suburbs. The one that was passed down from your grandparents. Yes, an upgrade may likely be in the future. You do not want to ignore the home’s bones, discounting the outside style of the home and going with a modern Italian retro look in the inside can become a cast for a broken bone that will never heal. That white marble floor in your kitchen with the swanky, eat-in white leather nook may work elsewhere, just not in your home. This can also be a hindrance if you ever need to sell the property. Over the top personal customization only serves the owner, and will be an expensive transition back to normal.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2013 Easy living room furniture decoration ideas

2013 Easy living room furniture decoration ideas
Talking about the living room does nothave endless, becausethe living room is the belle of the otherspaces in yourhome. The specialty of the living room itself is located from the locationwhich is right after the main door, so thatwhen the first mancame into the house the living room is exactly the first time he saw. The other feature of this room is generally anyperson who comesinto your homewill sit inthis room, and spent more time in this space. Thus the number of volumes that often visited the housewhen you are inthe living room has a different treatment when compared with the other rooms.
2013 Easy living room furniture decoration ideas
Because excess is exactly then you should have enoughideas that appealto the living room furniture decorating. One of the ideas for decorating the living room furniture is an easy or simple decoration. It became trendyin the year 2013, with the concept of decoratingeasier then people will feel at home in theliving room. I'm sure some of the visitors who come to this blog there that has a feeling of beingconfused as to what want to decorate the living room at home, or there is also a wish to redecorate the living room. Soif some of the readerswho were thinking like that are not wrong ifyou stopped for a simple blog.

2013 Easy living room furniture decoration ideas
Decorating ideas living room furniture thatyou can easilyget to seethe pictures in thisarticle, one of which is if you feel confused to what furnitureto put in onthe corner of yourliving room, then one idea is to put a sofa and then on the left and right atyou in the given tableaccessories such as green plants in order toget fresh air. I think the idea of ​​decorating the living room furniture in thecorner of this veryinteresting, because you can get a different atmosphere with the others.
2013 Easy living room furniture decoration ideas
Another idea fordecorating the living room furniture is simpleby providing a bright color in the living room, where the walls ofthe living room withblack and white paint, then doors in the living room painted in yellow, white sofa and couchcushions colored colorful. This will give a different feel to the living roomto another.
2013 Easy living room furniture decoration ideas
Another simple idea for decorating the living room furniture is to attach various types of photos in the frame, so that your living room looks crowded is not blank. Other ideas for the living room is to place furniture storage of various kinds of books, so guests who came to the house will feel comfortable while waiting to pass the time by reading. Those are some decorating ideas living room furniture in 2013 this easy that you can make the inspiration for the living room in your home.
2013 Easy living room furniture decoration ideas
2013 Easy living room furniture decoration ideas
2013 Easy living room furniture decoration ideas
2013 Easy living room furniture decoration ideas
2013 Easy living room furniture decoration ideas
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Best Money Saved Is At Home

I don't know about you, but I have been taking a tally recently on the amount of time I spend dining out, and thinking more, and more if I am really getting my monies worth. Is it me or has the quality in food gone down? Perhaps it has been this way, and I have been very forgiving. Forgiving why? Why am I compromising? I guess for a long time, I have been giving a blind eye because I am too busy caught up in the moment. Whether it is the drinking scene, the vibe, being surrounded by people, I find that I have been feeding into a fix at my expense, and it needs improving.
The other day I was at a popular spot, and ordered a cream of chicken that was served in a Crate and Barrel soup bowl. You know the one I am taking about, it is the one that is 3 times larger than the 1/2 cup of soup that is poured into it. It was actually comical, even the waitress gave me a smirk as she served me. We made eye contact as we both stared at the bowl with an outrageous basil leave in the center, there was a knowing without words. I am a big wine drinker, so yes, wine was a must. My $10 dollar glass of red was served in a huge goblet with the obvious cheap fill that I have now started to become observant to. Granted, the place is a chic eatery in the city, but come on.....In the end, who is the joke on?
The experience has not been the first, and I have been taking a genuine effort in being a critic than the customer. Meaning the times I have gone out to eat I have been on guard, watching the picture repeat itself over, and over. I have a thing about complaints at a restaurant. Unless I plan on not eating anything, I usually just settle for what is served or ask to have the platter removed off the bill....if I only touched it a couple of times. I have come to the conclusion that it is time to make time at home. It is sad when you have to make a run for a Big Mac after dinner.
By no means am I boycotting the dining out scene. I love it! There are many great places that serve with a smile, and deliver to perfection. Unfortunately, those places are either too far, and out of the way or just too expensive for a Tuesday night out. For me, I am just tired of wasting hard earned funds on a meal that I am only taking bites from. I might as well just walk into a restaurant and hand over a $20 dollar bill, and just leave. I know for me, the choice to eat out has always been impulsive. I do it, just because. Well, just because does not serve anymore. It is time to be sensible. The kitchen is the heart of the home. If your kitchen is missing a beat, then work to make it tick again. What is keeping you out of your space? Look at what draws you out of your house, and bring it in. Is it a certain style, design, or paint color. This you can fix. It can be as easy as a new dining room set.

I should be ashamed of myself because I have a wine rack of bottles that are just sitting there while I am wasting my money on less than a 1/2 a glass at a swanky wine bar, and I happen to be a good cook when I do. This experience cannot be mine alone, and I am sure that others agree, as well as can relate. So, if you are like me, make an effort to take the time out for a home cooked meal. You wind up enjoying it more, than signing a bill for mediocre. If wine is your thing, and I know I am not alone with this a bottle or open the ones you have in your rack. Do not wait for the company to arrive to open that expensive bottle of wine. Just go for it. Treat yourself to it. If you are like me, you are spending the same amount of money on a few $10 dollar glasses of wine anyway. What is the point in waiting? Pay yourself first!
The more you push yourself for a good dining experience at home, the less time, and money will be spent having a bad one somewhere else. Home improvement begins in the kitchen and starts with you. Give yourself a night out at home. Turn off the lights, and get those candles ready. Sometimes we are paying for an experience that we can replicate in our own homes. Plan a fun night, whether it is pasta night or open a cook book, and be creative. Just because, you cannot cook, it does not mean you do not know how to read. Trust me, you can do it. You may even surprise yourself with a hidden talent, 2nd servings, and with some monthly savings in the end.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

10 Home Improvement Projects Under $450

Not all home improvement projects are expensive, some are a wish list, while others are a priority. Regardless of their level of importance, if ignored, some home improvement projects can become annoying, and even expensive. Even though you may discount its value, there are consequences when we put some of the items off for a rainy day, which turns to months, then years. Not all home improvement projects are glamorous, but do require the same attention at some point.

Here are some of our picks for home improvement projects under $450:

Junk Removal: Did you know that under/between ($280-$450) you can have a 1/2 truck haul your undesirables? Spring is here, and if you are looking to de-clutter your space, you can clear out what you have been wanting to get rid of in hours.

Painting Service: Did you know that under/between ($350-$450) you can have your small bathroom painted? According to Consumer Reports, the average homeowner gives little to no attention to their bathrooms, when it comes to painting. Our prices includes the paint.

Gutter Cleaning: Did you know that for ($150) you can have your downspouts flushed out? When is the last time your gutters have been inspected?

Handyman Service: Did you know that for as low as ($75) you can have a 0 to 32" TV mounted?

Maid Service: Did you know that for under/between ($90 - $200) you can have general cleaning done in your home? Don't you have enough to do? Give yourself a break for that up and coming party.

Pest Control: Did you know that for under/between ($160 - $330) you can have your home exterminated for ants/roaches? Not a service we are proud to have done, but one you do not want to ignore.

Plumbing Service: Did you know that for ($275) you can have your sink/vanity replaced, and installed? Tired of that dated cabinet that you have had for years?

Appliance Service: Did you know that for ($150) you can have that dated, caked on mess of a microwave mounted under your cabinet replaced, and installed?

Electrical Service: Did you know that for ($250) you can have your new ceiling fan replaced? How much dust is on those blades?

Doors: Did you know that for ($125) you can have an interior door replaced? Have to change the frame, sand or paint? The cost still falls under ($450).

One of the frustrating aspects of home improvement is finding the right contractor. Is he licensed, bonded, and insured? At Click and Improve our providers are hand picked, and all references checked. We even enforce Our Policy upon our providers to ensure that delivery of service is paramount.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

10 Home Improvements To Consider

The sun is out and natures first green is our gold. Thank God, Spring is finally here. We are feeling it with the warmer days. Our energy levels are up, and now we find ourselves making weekend trips to the local Home Depot or Lowe's department stores. Some of us are looking for ideas, while others have a plan. Any home improvement big or small will have an impact.Whether you are looking to sell your property in the coming months or tired of being the worst house on the block, any improvement is better than none at all. Some home improvement can be value added, while others are personal preference to the way you want to live.

If you are looking for some direction and want a quick reference to what to start with, check out these 10 home improvements to help jump start your mental juices and get you to start on something:

Front entry doors: The average homeowner treats their entry door like a guest bedroom, little attention to detail and style. It is a huge curb appeal factor not to be ignored. Aside from energy efficiency and weather tolerance, a new quality door will immediately make a statement at entry.

Siding: Whether you are replacing it or debating on getting it installed, siding will add a punch to the look of your home. Not only does siding add a layer of insulation, and protection, but it will enhance the appearance of your home, and is considered capital improvement. Siding adds value.

Decks: Warmer days, means a lot of time out doors. What better way to enjoy it, than to extend your living space. Big or small, family entertainment can be enjoyed inside and out.

Windows: Replacement windows = energy savers, plus tax credits.

Kitchen: Improving your kitchen does not have to be a major investment, but it will make you smile more while making your morning coffee. Refacing cabinets and changing hardware is a start. Changing the backsplash can be the answer to an immediate change.

Basement: Living space taken to another level. Always take inventory of wasted, under utilized rooms in the house. If waterproofing is not a major job to tackle, framing, sheetrock, subfloors are very quick to install. A finished basement does not have to be major investment, but will add to the value of yours.

Attic: Hidden space for an office, extra bedroom, additional storage. Walking on beams? They do make easy to install sub-floors in squares, you pass them in the aisles all the time.

Bathroom: Can be a 30 minute makeover with replacing fixtures and hardware, to reglazing (not 30 minutes) your tub and tiles for that overnight transformation. Even a vanity can be painted a cool color.

Addition: If you find yourself outliving your space, large family or expecting one, research the cost in adding an addition before looking into a new home. You may find that an alternative is over your roof.

Landscaping: Some of us do not have a green thumb, keep grass short and it will never look sloppy. Landscaping is an art form, so it does require a level of attention. Consider evergreen shrubs as a carefree option.

Granted, some improvements can be a bit costly. Please gather your estimates, and make comparisons. The lowest is not always the best, and the highest does not always mean quality. Take it upon yourself to purchase all the supplies, and look for installation services only. This will make a big difference in your budget planning.